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Transform your Body,
Relax your

Join Cabarete Yogadiscover the potential within your practice, go beyond limitations and find freedom inside your body. Practice breathing consciously, slowly and easily.
Enjoy movement and stillness.


I opened this studio 6 years ago with my life partner, Michael Gebhardt who is a retired Olympic Medalist in Windsurfing, who is now a very gifted and successful Physical Therapist and Healer. We met here on the beach and now have two beautiful children together, Zen & Samadhi. Mike and myself have created this space for people to heal. Inside the studio is pure love and devotion to helping others thrive in their bodies and minds.

In addition to Yoga we offer Structural Body Work using

Assisted Resistance Stretching (ARS). Mike, a longtime health and longevity advocate has developed his life's work into a method for regenerating the body, using a system for assisting humans to heal themselves through conscious, mindful, resistive movements.

Our business is about healing and supporting others as well as each other while we raise our children with conscious awareness, nurturing their dreams to inspire them and their tenacity for life while holding compassion and concern for other human beings. 






Cabarete Yoga with Ash


Cabarete Yoga most popular...

My range of classes and services gives you the flexibility to choose the yoga instruction that best fits your needs and practice level. Take a minute to look at what is offered and book a class today.


She incorporates meditation, breathing, and a wonderful flow sequence. At Cabarete Yoga they do really take the time to show modifications and help students feel comforable and get the most benefit from each pose.


Cabarete Yoga is one of Cabarate's best hidden gems. I love the styles of yoga that Ashley offers here. All levels and body types are welcomed to this sacred sanctuary!


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